Picnic Packages

Meet me in Morocco

Vibrant, detailed, and earthy. This package is meant to appeal to your senses, ground you, and remind you of all things joyful and relaxing.

Morocco is one of the places I’ve always dreamed about traveling to it’s chaotic and colorful and vibrant. It has this bohemian vibe that I’ve always wanted to be immersed in. I try to relay that experience in this picnic from the purple Pigments to the florals to the charcuterie boards. Hopefully this one overwhelms your senses with joy and relaxation.

Nash Vegas

This one is really fun! Lots of pink, the cutest details, and really sets you up for some instagrammable moments. This is just as fun and light hearted as Dolly Parton herself.


Elegant, romantic, and dazzling. This is the perfect date or double date package. Just want a classy and cute night out with your friends? That works too. This is great for anytime but is just magical close to sunset