We put the extra into all things ordinary!

I had the fortune to use Ivey Picnics to help WOW my fiance on Valentine’s Day. 
Even when being states-away in Florida, Ivey Picnics helped dream-up a personal pop-up picnic for our living room. Mariea took great time to search for an array of options for our Valentine’s box, included ideas on how best to set up the picnic, and ensured that each item was delivered days in advance. The end result was a cosmic evening filled with beautiful decor and ambiance. My finance was so surprised when she walked in the front door! 
                                                                        – Zachary, Ft. Lauderdale

Need some help planning something romantic?

Ever had the feeling that you wanted to do something romantic for your partner but you don’t know where to start, what to get, or how to do itAfter you hire us, you will no longer feel that pressure to get it right because you can trust that we have your back.  We will make sure that your partner feels special and cared for because your date will be fun, customized, and executed flawlessly. We work closely with you to make any date we plan one of the best you’ve ever had! 

What is included in your luxury picnic?


  • Hand crafted picnic table
  • Rugs and or blankets
  • Decorative table scape settings and centerpieces
  • Linen
  • Fresh flowers
  • Styled Pillows 
  • Ice bucket
  • Bottled water
  • Charcuterie/Dessert board
  • Letter board
  • Plus you have the opportunity to customize your event with other amenities and décor

What is included in your romantic date?

Date nights are very thoughtfully designed based on your preferences.  We can setup in your house, back yard. or place of your choosing.

Want to turn your living room into a Bohemian dream?  We’ve got you.

Want to make it a movie night under the stars?  We have you covered.

If they are not tearing up, we are starting over.

Step 1. Select your package

Each package has a different theme and style.  Choose the one that is right for you.

Step 2. View upgrades

Here you can view the numerous add on features that can make your picnic unique and unforgettable.

Step 3. Schedule

Let’s find a date for your event with our online booking tool.  Here you will be able to claim your time slot.